About trgb

TRGB was started by Gary Bates in 1986 after having spent the previous 5 years restoring Triumphs "hands-on" so to speak.

The company was originally run from home until 1992 when severe lack of space meant a move to larger premises. TRGB has always had a busy workshop, run by the very experienced Richard Dempster who has worked with us since its conception. Now we also have a bodyshop and can carry out all types of work on Triumphs, from a simple service to a major restoration - at £59.00 per hour (plus VAT).

The spares side of the business has grown from breaking a TR4 in the back garden during 1986, to a fully computerised parts department with four full time staff and a part time packer. We mail order world wide, or you are always welcome to pay us a visit (9.00 - 5.00 weekdays, 9.00 - 1.00 on Saturdays). The most important thing I would like to stress about TRGB is the customer service, we can not claim to be the cheapest on every single part we sell, but you will find our prices very competitive, and we do aim to ensure our customers are happy with the service on parts, restoration and car sales (after all, we want them to come back!).

Meet the team

TRGB - Gary Bates - Founder & Owner

Gary Bates

Founder & Owner

Started messing about with scooters at the age of about 13 led on by his notorious brother. Bought his first moped (a Raleigh runabout) for £15, got it roadworthy and then sold it for £25. Progressed to a Honda graduate moped, paying £35, rebuilt the engine during the 11 months of ownership and after a coat of silver hammerite on the exhaust sold it for £49! Maybe this is where he gets his TR dealing skills from - or is it the fact that his great great grandfather was a horse trader- who knows? A real petrol head, owns amongst other cars a TR3a and a TR5 which are used regularly. Other hobbies include hill walking, cycling, circuit training, off road motor biking and scuba diving. Will generally have ago at anything especially if it looks dangerous or means that you might get hurt. Lives with his wife Leanne, and one of their sons. the other three have flown the nest.

TRGB - Richard Dempster - Workshop Manager

Richard Dempster

Workshop Manager

If Gary is described as a petrol head you should see Richard. He owns and has built more classic cars than you can shake a stick at. He met Gary about 20 something years ago when rebuilding a Spitfire. Gary was struggling to assemble a pre-cast concrete garage one day (the first TRGB workshop) Richard offered to lend a hand - and somehow never left! His TR knowledge is unrivalled. He could probably assemble a TR in a coal hole in the dark. He has full control of all workshop matters and when not house restoring, his Hobbies include classic cars, making cars go faster, photography (often of cars) hill/mountain walking, cinema, golf and cycling.

TRGB - Tom Phipps - Bodyshop

Tom Phipps


Tom has recently moved to the area and has a keen interest in Classic cars, having worked on the likes of Tr's, Mustangs and Italia's to name a few. Toms interests include Cricket, fishing and snowboarding and he has young sons.

TRGB - Trish Myers - Logistics

Trish Myers


Always has a smile on her face which is surprising since she has to put up with us lot! Frequently found singing (well that is what she calls it) at the back of the stores. With grown up children Trish has been a long standing member of the team, she lives locally is Cheerful and enthusiastic, you won't find a better packed parcel, or a nicer cup of tea.

TRGB - Clara Lee - Accounts

Clara Lee


As Clara is the bookkeeper here at TRGB, you will often see her with a calculator in hand and her head buried in paperwork. Clara is an American who has lived in the UK for twenty years; she is married with four children, two dogs, her own business (Claraty Limited), and all of us to look after. Whew!

TRGB - Frazer Unwin - Workshop

Frazer Unwin


Frazer originally came here for work experience from school, and we were unable to get rid of him! (only joking) Seriously, he came here for work experience from school, then as a Saturday Lad, then as a apprentice and now hes a fully fledged mechanic (after recently passing his final exams). He loves off roading (more Landrovers!) and he loves all things to do with engines and cars. He has two younger brothers

TRGB - Mark Walker - Panel Beater

Mark Walker

Panel Beater

Mark has been with us since 2016 after he relocated to our local area. He has been in the motor trade since he left school working on prestige cars including Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar and TVR and has now moved into the classic car industry. Whilst working in custom car scene he has become proficient in all manner of welding he is also trained in the use of the english wheel. Out of work he enjoys fishing and .... cars! Mark is married with a young family

TRGB - Leanne Bates - Marketing

Leanne Bates


Has always helped Gary out with the business but is now officially in charge of the advertising and marketing of TRGB. The proud owner of a TR4, has a very hands on approach to life. Keeps all of the adverts, facebook and you tube up to date. Loves to be out in the garden with her cat and the hens - so eggs are a plenty! other hobbies include hill walking, diving and snorkelling, plus anything to do with animals in general (please no jokes about Gary!)

TRGB - Rob Cains - Stores Manager

Rob Cains

Stores Manager

Another car enthusiast Bob is currently messing about with several landrovers, some run some don't! Bob runs the stores and buys and sources the parts for TRGB. He tries in vain to keep the computer stock levels up to date, and to ensure that they match the stock on the shelf- a more than difficult task! Very dedicated to his job and customer care he is often the man that gets to the phone first. His hobbies include walking, and I mean serious walking not just to the pub! Cycling, and again across England, not just local stuff. He also enjoys photography and golf. Like everyone else he has been here a very long time, and knows most part numbers off by heart.

TRGB - Michael Fovargue - Body and Paint

Michael Fovargue

Body and Paint

Mick has over 38 years in the motor trade and has a passion for all types of classic cars. Married with 3 children, He has a love for live music, sport and fitness. He is now our full time in house painter but turns his hands to most things car related.

TRGB - Michael Govey - Car sales / Workshop

Michael Govey

Car sales / Workshop

Started at TRGB in 2014 Michael is yet another petrol head (no surprises there then) he also loves off roading, Landrovers and classic cars. Well known for his love of old Ford Sierras (well someone has to love them) there is often 1 or 3 languishing about the yard here at TRGB. Very passionate about his work Michael is married with 2 young daughters.

TRGB - Jason Wright - Workshop

Jason Wright


No longer the new kid on the block,we now have two more workshop staff. Jason comes from a well established classic car specialist. Jason has worked on and restored many classic cars including Triumph TVR and Jaguar to name but a few. He has a wealth of classic car experience and has fitted in so well it seems like he has been here for years.He now builds most of our engines with care and detail. Another petrol head he is never happier than if he is up to the door handles in mud in his trusty off road Landrover discovery, which is also his daily runabout.Currently restoring an Austin A30 for his long suffering wife, Sarah who bakes the best Victoria Sponge we have ever tasted.

TRGB - Stephen brocklebank - Internet sales / stores

Stephen brocklebank

Internet sales / stores

Stephen has recently joined TRGB and his main aim so far has been to get our online and ebay parts site up and running on all cylinders! He has been in the motor trade since leaving school and college. He has covered most aspects of the job in this time. He has a love for classic cars and owns and drives a GT6 which he fully restored at home. He has a boat and has a keen interest in fishing.